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Office Relocation / Space Acquisition

There are many different reasons why a company relocates its office. Strategic decisions surrounding staff fluctuation, cost efficiency, location preference, and desired building caliber are often key factors when considering office relocation and/or space acquisition. Capstone aims to make this transition as seamless as possible by following these steps:

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

  • What are the objectives of relocation?
  • Is relocation the best solution for your company?
  • What is the target move in date, desired layout, length of lease, geographical requirements, budget, special needs, etc.

Step 2: Market Survey

  • Based off of the requirements discussed during the information gathering phase, Capstone will thoroughly survey the marketplace to select appropriate opportunities for your company.
  • Access to multiple comprehensive data bases provides Capstone clients with accurate and up to date information on availabilities.
  • Experience and deep knowledge of NYC commercial real estate inventory provides clients with upcoming opportunities, often before they’re publicly listed anywhere.
  • Presentation of selected spaces including general building information, floor plans, and description.

Step 3: Space Tour

  • Multiple buildings are visited during a space tour, with the properties arranged in an efficient order to ensure that your time is spent effectively.
  • It is typical that multiple space tours are necessary in order to help our clients become acquainted with the marketplace before developing a “Short List.”

Site Selection & Transaction

  • “Short List” properties are carefully compared to determine differentiating factors.
  • Capstone recommends to submit proposals to multiple properties in order to:
    • Create an auction for your tenancy to leverage the best possible deal.
    • Mitigate risks in the instance of unforeseen circumstances that can arise during negotiations.
  • Review of lease documents in tandem with your Real Estate attorney to confirm business points, and to identify potential hidden costs.
  • Lease execution
  • Continued support