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Space Disposition / Subleasing

If your company is paying rent on space that no longer suits your needs, whether it involves excess space or a need for larger space that your landlord cannot supply, we will assemble a subleasing arrangement to help reduce unwanted costs and accommodate your company’s goals and objectives. After we review your lease to examine subleasing and assignment options available to you, we may decide on one of the following alternatives to relieve you of your obligations:


Negotiate to have your existing lease assigned to a new tenant whereby they assume the remaining lease obligation and your liability ends.


Locate a subtenant to occupy your space

Space Recapture / Early Lease Termination

Negotiate to have your current lease terminated and your remaining lease obligations annulled.

If subleasing is your best option, we will work diligently to market your space and find a viable subtenant. This involves targeted email marketing, web-based advertising, cold-calling, and submission to New York’s central database for listing commercial properties to ensure exposure to all Manhattan commercial brokerage firms.